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Did you know that you can use Knowledgehook for remote learning? Here are some resources to help you get started.

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Insights and support for responding to students

Knowledgehook supports your instructional decisions and professional learning even when you are not in the classroom

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Other useful remote features

Live Mode

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Uploaded Solutions

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Parent linking for mobile updating

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Organizing Remote Learning
For Instructional Leaders

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Make a plan

Think ahead about devices and remote learning

Do students have devices at home? Are there alternatives for students without devices at home? Use this checklist to plan for remote lessons.

View the Remote Learning Checklist

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Prepare students and teachers

Communicate the plan

Ensure that students know the plan, how they will stay up-to-date on school work, and what expectations you have of them when at home.

  1. Outline the tools that you will use for communication (e-mail, Learning Management Systems, video conferencing, etc.)
  2. Describe expectations for what students need to complete and when they should be available.
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Start using Knowledgehook

Select content and assign Missions

Create your free Teacher account and assign our curriculum-aligned content to assign as self-paced Missions, or live GameShows.

Learn about Missions and GameShows.

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Create a Content Library

You can create a library of custom content that can be automatically shared within your district or school, or privately shared via a link. This can be used for a longer-term remote learning program for your school.

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Staying Connected

How do students log in?

Students log in by going to and using a Class Code provided by the teacher. Teachers can print these out or send them to parents/students.

What can parents do?

Parent involvement has a significant impact on student engagement especially at home. Teachers can print invitations to connect parents with their child's account.

We're serious about privacy

See our Privacy Centre to learn how we keep student and teacher data safe and secure.

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