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What Teachers are saying…

I liked that in a class of very varied abilities and paces, I could easily differentiate and allow the students options to work at their pace. Students really loved the points and levels and worked really hard at home to keep earning and moving up. I love that it helps students, even when they are at home.
– Michelle B., St. Clair Catholic District School Board
The upload solutions feature is perfect because it makes collecting responses so much easier, and we’re able to capture evidence of student thinking that goes beyond just getting the answer.
– Omari W., York Region District School Board
Knowledgehook is a great success and has been very well received. A few students from another class were involved and shared the information with their teacher 🙂

I really like the bank of questions, as well as the ability to create my own. Overall, very happy with Knowledgehook 🙂
– Melissa B., Thames Valley District School Board
I loved Knowledgehook! When my students struggle with the homework, they have a chance to re-do the same type of questions but with different numbers – pure genius! And I now know lots more about my students. I have students who struggle to pass a test, but do just fine on the day-to-day work, and I can reward them for it.
– Audrey B., Avon Maitland District School Board
I have truly found Knowledgehook to be an outstanding platform. I have found the Premium Missions activities to be an outstanding tool for differentiation and assessment.
– Andrew S., York Region District School Board
I used Knowledgehook website to prepare my students for the grade 9 EQAO academic test. It went really well and I think they were more familiar with the EQAO style questions because of it.
– Allen G., Peel District School Board
I had one student tell me he was working on Missions while at his sister’s lacrosse game. I love that students can have that convenience, and they find it fun to do as well! I also really appreciated the email that I got to notify me of trouble that certain students were having on questions. I didn’t realize that Knowledgehook could do that, and I really appreciated the feedback.
– Shelley E., Waterloo Region District School Board
Knowledgehook has been great for EQAO preparation and exam review. I like the feature that allows students to notify the teacher if they have difficulty with a question. We always take those questions up in class.
– Danielle D., Simcoe County District School Board
Wow! What a powerful tool Knowledgehook has become in my classroom. Knowledgehook provides a highly engaging platform that dramatically increases student engagement while producing measurable results. The data available to educators is extremely useful and provides valuable individualized feedback on student progress. Thank you for helping bring mathematics education to the 21st century.
– Brandon K., Bluewater District School Board