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How teachers use Knowledgehook

Knowledgehook is highly customizable and easy to use. Here are a few common use cases.

Diagnostics (Warm-Ups)

Use Warm-Ups before a lesson to assess the readiness of students.


Purposeful Practice can help students cement learning and improve their fluency.

Exit Tickets

Use Exit-tickets towards the end of class to help assess students’ understanding of the lesson.

Gap Closing

Teachers are more effective when they can identify common errors, misconceptions, and learning gaps that students have in their mathematical understanding.

How Knowledgehook Works

Get started in three simple steps.

From our curriculum-aligned math content


Assessments that students love

Run a whole-class quiz game that encourages discussion and helps you address issues in the moment by using GameShowTM

Try It First

Differentiate assignments and let students work at their own pace using MissionsTM

Try It First

Use PaperMode to run whole class activities using QR codes and collect instant feedback without any need of student devices or internet in your classroom


Identify and close gaps using our teacher support resources

Teaching strategies delivered in real time based on student needs.


Why teachers and math leaders love Knowledgehook

Kyle Pearce, Math Coach

Laura Briscoe, Teacher

Craig Guthrie, Elementary teacher

Mary O'Brien, Math Coach

Kevin Williams, Math Coach

Vicki Parry, Math Coach

Nour Harriz, Math Teacher

Jeni Van Kesteren, Math Coach

Designed by Leading Numeracy Specialists

Highly Engaging

Deliver formative assessments in a way that engages students and helps to build math confidence.

Designed For Math

Interactive questions aid teachers in moving students to deeper conceptual understandings of math.

Deeper Understanding

Explore different pathways to solving problems as students share their solutions and learn collaboratively.