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Everything you need to know to get started

Why teachers and math leaders love Knowledgehook

Kyle Pearce, Math Coach

Jeni Van Kesteren, Math Coach

Craig Guthrie, Elementary teacher

Mary O'Brien, Math Coach

Kevin Williams, Math Coach

Vicki Parry, Math Coach

Nour Harriz, Math Teacher

Laura Briscoe, Teacher


How teachers use Knowledgehook

Knowledgehook is highly customizable and easy to use. Here are a few common use cases.

Diagnostics (Warm-Ups)

Warm-Ups are questions that draw upon earlier grade concepts. Use them before a lesson to assess the readiness of students or simply as a “warm-up” to prepare students for the material they will be encountering in the upcoming lesson or unit.


Once teachers have a clear understanding of students' prior knowledge, Practice can help both to cement student learning and build the fluency they need to tackle increasingly complex challenges.

Exit Tickets

Exit tickets are ungraded assessments that teachers use towards the end of class to help assess students’ understanding of the lesson and quickly identify learning gaps to inform your next instruction.

Gap Closing

Teachers are more effective when they can identify common errors, misconceptions, and learning gaps that students have in their mathematical understanding.


How to get started

Create a class

Run an activity

Create a class

Get started here! Learn how to set up a Knowledgehook teacher account and create a class.

Individual Assessment

Assign Self-Paced Missions

Assign a series of activities from our curriculum-aligned content that students can complete at home.

Group Assessment

Run Live GameShows

Run a live GameShow activity through a free web conferencing platform like Google Meet


How to support learning

Use the results to inform instruction

Close gaps

Measure growth

Use results to inform instruction

How can you use the results to inform your next steps in instruction? Learn how Knowledgehook can help you in this video.


Close gaps

With Premium Knowledgehook, you will be provided with extra tracking and teaching resources to help you identify and close gaps. Learn how to use these valuable features in this video.


Measure Growth

Want an easy way to measure the impact of your teaching or interventions? Learn how Knowledgehook can help.