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Student Teacher

Knowledgehook for Schools

Foster school-wide pedagogical best practices identified through student performance data.

Informed Instruction

As students complete formative assessments, Knowledgehook for Schools can provide teachers with expert teaching strategies to help close student gaps and find new ways to move learning forward. Learn more

Professional Learning

Identify the top needs across each grade and target professional learning activities to address them. Engage teaching teams in effective improvement practices that are relevant to their classroom practice.

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Meet Improvement Goals

By making formative assessments easy to use, Knowledgehook for Schools provides an invaluable tool in helping schools objectively meet their math improvement goals.

Features of the school license:

School dashboard for a grade-by-grade performance overview

Quickly view grade-by-grade data on gaps and misconceptions.        

Access to professional learning resources for teachers

Teachers will receive gap closing activities and expertly designed remediation resources which can be used to help improve instruction strategies. Learn more  

Assessment benchmarking tool for targeted provincial/state assessment practice

Once a school shares provincial/state assessment data, Knowledgehook will securely make this data available to all teachers from the school. The previous results are paired with similar questions to help teachers provide intensive remediation for challenge areas from previous years.  

Premium access for all math educators school-wide

Every teacher and student across your school will have access to all resources available to them.  

PLC deployment tool

Use data to inform professional learning focus areas, receive study materials and agendas to organize PLC sessions, and deploy targeted questions to measure student growth pre- and post teaching to measure effectiveness.  

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Each school has unique needs to consider when making decisions that are in the best interests of students, teachers and administrators. If you're looking to improve the math culture for students and teachers at your school, contact us today to share your objectives and to discuss how we might be able to help with one of our industry experts.