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Knowledgehook for School Districts

Instructional guidance systems to drive system-wide math improvement


Data-Informed Decisions

Formative assessment data from across your district provides valuable information to your math experts and administrators. Ensure that your team has the data they need to make the most informed decisions on professional learning and in-class instruction.

Professional Learning

Coordinate district-wide professional learning sessions around student performance data or help schools facilitate their own targeted and localized professional learning, creating both efficiencies and a more relevant learning experience for teachers.

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Tools for Scalable System-wide Improvement

Align your entire math team by providing timely, relevant resources that directly address students’ learning gaps and misconceptions across your district. From Featured Activities to the PLC support tool, you can customize your district’s math improvement experience using data in ways that were previously not possible without Instructional Guidance System technology.

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How It Works
Knowledgehook helps transform complex math data into actionable insights.
Teachers deliver engaging, standards-aligned formative assessments to students in their math classrooms as in-class work, homework, group work, quizzes, tests, or assignments.
Knowledgehook’s team of experts works with your local team to create an evidence-based framework for improvement that is easy to implement, but will ensure that all of your stakeholders are moving in the right direction.
Knowledgehook supports your local team to develop your professional learning models by structuring them around your data. This allows your teachers to maximize each professional learning opportunity by focusing on areas most relevant to their students’ needs.
Knowledgehook provides teachers with support on implementing the improved pedagogical methods and strategies they have learned in order to create learning opportunities with students that will improve student outcomes in math.
Learn better, together

Schools trust Knowledgehook for students to meet their learning needs

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Our team of experts at Knowledgehook is ready to work with your district to identify the best strategy that fits your specific needs. Drawing from experience working with over 50 school districts, Knowledgehook can share what we know with your team and work to find the best solution for your district. We’re passionate about improvement in math and would love to come share more with your team. If you’d like more information, contact us below.