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Impact Story
This impact story is from Fareen Kanji from the Durham District School Board.

What do the Experts Say

“Fareen's professional inquiry is driven by the data collected about student understanding, followed by the use of evidence-based approaches that improve achievement. In this classroom, all students believe they can do math and experience success.”
MaryLou Kestell
Teacher Impact Award, Program Lead
MaryLou Kestell, Past President of OAME
MaryLou has over 40 years in public education. She held positions as a secondary school mathematics teacher, mathematics department head, trainer of teacher candidates and trainer of in-service teachers who wanted to improve their mathematics teaching. During her teaching years, she also served as President of the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education, and worked with teachers from 68 districts of education across the Province of Ontario.
Fareen appreciates the grade-level-based curriculum materials and models exemplary teaching through frequent checks for student understanding. Fareen's professional inquiry is driven by the data collected about student understanding followed by the use of evidence-based approaches that improve achievement. Instruction is informed by student need. Fareen follows a cycle of formative assessment, taking action based on the data, studying related mathematics, checking with remediation materials and celebrating successes with students. Students become committed to their learning and do mathematics outside of class time.
“Fareen higlights the importance of using well-vetted, curriculum aligned teaching resources which make it possible for students to learn from accurate, reliable and relavant materials.”
Dr. Lerzan Coskun
Teacher Impact Award, Program Lead
Dr. Lerzan Coskun, PhD
For over a decade, Dr. Coskun has been measuring the impacts of family-centered programs addressing the socioeconomic disparities in children’s developmental and academic outcomes. She applies insights from the field of behavioral economics to early childhood initiatives and programs to facilitate parent involvement in children’s development and schooling.
Fareen integrates formative assessment into every step of the classroom teaching. Prior to a unit, Fareen checks pre-existing knowledge and skills to pinpoint student needs. At mid-point, Fareen checks for student understanding again to figure out the impact of teaching that has been done so far. This information informs Fareen's decision as to whether provide additional support to students or move on to a new topic. Fareen uses many math resources to more effectively address various learning styles and student needs. While selecting professional resources to adapt teaching, Fareen values using vetted instructional tools and strategies that spark student interest and are easy to use and curriculum based.
The Impact Story is about teachers who complete the Impact Challenge. The Impact Challenge is a way for teachers to improve pedagogical content knowledge in areas most critical to their students' learning needs.

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