Release Notes - May 8th

Activities Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Added a new parameter ‘stick-to’ to the keypad item that will enable it to pop up at a pre defined location on the canvas. It fixes an issue with a sticky keypad bug.
  • The keypad will not accept leading zeros now and will score it correctly.
  • Points can now be dragged on a touch screen without causing scrolling in the graphing manipulative questions.
  • The background image will render on Teacher's screen in Live Gameshow in the graphing manipulative questions.
  • Removed "Enter your answer" and the text input field in Gameshow for graphing manipulative questions.

Did you know?

Your students all have access to their Additional Practice section called SOLVE. SOLVE has all the questions available to the students that you do in your Activity section. If they work in their SOLVE section, they may earn Stars towards the Mathalon. If they work on a question in their SOLVE that you then assign in a Mission later on, they will not earn another star for the same question. All stars are unique to the question and can't be earned more than once, regardless of where the question was when the student earned the star.