Release Notes - May 2nd

Activities Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Enabled the use of quotes to wrap special characters, like commas, in question answers that use Key-Value-Pair strings as answer data. The main use is allowing commas for French language decimals so our KH Editors can now create better French content.
  • The numbers for the number line in the Spotlight Activity are now in Quicksand font.
  • Best Attempt answers for a student answering a question during a GameShow should properly record into the database once again
  • Added a new option In the KH EDITOR for admins. Under Featured Categories, when an admin is adding a “New Featured Category”, there is now an option for the activity to be limited to being run as a mission in assessment mode.
  • The Student Preview Question Pop-up (for Teachers and Editors) will now work if they answer a question correctly instead of being redirected to the login page

User Interface Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Implemented a fix so Class Codes are unique. There was a possibility that class codes could duplicate.
  • Implemented a fix so Usernames are unique. This is to help users who already have an account not accidently create a second one under the exact same information.
  • Migrated the Verify Email Page from AngularJS to Angular which will help with page load.
  • Changed the text on the search filter on District Dashboard from “Filter by School” to “Search School Name”
  • The District Dashboard will correctly count the Total Teachers and Total Premium Teachers on the main dashboard now.

Did you know?

There are a lot of school districts that may share similar school names. Double check that you have the right school listed on your account and it's in the right school district! You can find your school in your Account Settings. If it's not the right school, you can hit that Change button and enter the correct school. 

Here's a visual guide for how to change schools