Release Notes - May 24th

Activities Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Answers in String input fields should now be scored correctly when the inputted characters are greater than defined max-length.
  • Oval/circular shaped keypad regions can now be defined.
  • Server side rendering of math expressions should work now on the teacher side. If you noticed that equations weren't rendering properly when using custom activities, this should be fixed now.

User Interface Updates and Bug Fixes

  • If you use Knowledgehook in French or Spanish, you will no longer have to do multiple login attempts to login to your account if a prior user was using a different language. If the previous user was using Knowledgehook in English and your account was in French, it would deny your login attempt because the languages didn't match up. We have fixed this bug.

Did you know?

If you use the Import Classroom feature from Google Classroom to create your class on Knowledgehook, your student's login process is super simple! No class code or password is needed. They can hit the "Log in with Google" button right on the front page of the student log in page - - and it will bring them right into your class. You don't even need to enter the class code first!

Here's a visual guide to help with Google Classroom imported classes login for students.