Release Notes - May 15th

Activities Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Students can now properly upload files from their device when Capture Student Thinking is enabled. This was a bug for a short period of time.
  • Teachers should now be able to add any activity to a custom activity using the ‘Combine Activities’ button without issue. This affected random activities with the Combine Activities button but now all activities should work again.

Did you know?

When your students reach a Full Mathalon, they have access to a 3D/AR trophy they can take a picture of! You may have to assist them in taking their photo. The 3D/AR Trophy can only be taken as a picture from a front-facing mobile device. It does not work with selfie view or with cameras on laptops and Chromebooks. Your students can find access to the 3D/AR Full Mathalon Trophy on the Mathalon page in their accounts.