Content Updates - May 2024

New Content for United States

Assessment Questions

Added a total of 996 items for Grade 2,

24 items for Grade 3, 24 items for Grade 4,

1235 items for Grade 5, 430 items for Grade 6,

870 items for Grade 7, and 837 items for Grade 8,

1188 items for Algebra 1

Aligned with standards for Arizona, New York, and California, available in Spanish for the USA (USCC, Florida, New York, Arizona, California).

New Content for Canada

Assessment Questions: Added 288 items for Grade 1, 27 items for Grade 2, and 18 items for Grade 4. Aligned with standards for Canada (all jurisdictions), available in French.

Increasing Coverage of Teacher Supports for Core Math Topics

Misconception Charts: Added resources for Skip Counting for Kindergarten to Grade 2. Available in English for all jurisdictions in the USA and Canada.

Intervention Resources: Added resources for Count, Represent, and Compare to 20, Subtract 2-Digit numbers, and Count, Represent, and Compare within 10 for Kindergarten to Grade 2. Available in Spanish for all jurisdictions in the USA and English for all jurisdictions in Canada.

Intervention Resources, Math Background: Added resources for Measure and Compare Lengths in Standard Units, Addition and Subtraction Word Problems within 20, and Measuring Volume for Kindergarten to Grade 2 and Grades 6-7. Available in French for Canada (all jurisdictions).