Release Notes - April 3rd

Activities Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with material bridge learning worlds where rounded corners were not appearing. 
  • Fixed a bug in graphing tool where points were not snapping accurately.

Game Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Outpost Run’s rendering an ‘after image’ when hit under certain conditions. This happens when your character gets hit and resizes it resizes the screen.

User Interface Updates and Bug Fixes


  • Fix mission sorting logic on Student Home page. This will now keep incomplete and before due date Missions at the top, completed in the middle and incomplete and past due date at the bottom.
  • Fix issue on Student side where letters cannot be typed in the Parent Modal text box while trying to enter a parent's email. This involved certain keyboard letters being movement and not allowing them to be letters entered in an email address.


  • Fixed a bug where teachers were redirected back to the login page when trying to pass the Google SSO security model.
  • Added a magnifier icon to the school filter of District Dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug where viewing subterm included questions from other subterms on district and school admin dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug where district dashboard doesn’t update when filtering by a school then by a subterm.
  • Fixed a bug where Student accounts were created before a user finishing signing up via SSO.
  • Changed the default landing page for admins
  • Implemented validation emails. These automatically send when a user creates a new account to help validate them right away.