Release Notes - April 22nd

Activities Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Updated the hand pointer system for Spotlight learning world with number input. Hand pointer works well for anything in the overlay now.
  • Fixed an issue for teachers where they couldn’t upload an image with the image manager if they had a period in their file name as the image manager read the text afterwards as the file extension.

Content Patches

  • Reordered the branches on Arizona courses.
  • Removed empty branches in Arizona courses for teachers.

User Interface Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where usernames were causing a conflict with emails during login flow. Your username is set on account creation but you can change your email at any time.
  • Fixed an issue where registering for an account with Google Auth would create duplicate users.
  • Fixed an issue for teachers when making custom activities where the “Add to Custom” button didn’t properly add all questions to the activity.

Did you know?

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