Release Notes - April 11th

Activities Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Changed the default font for puzzles to Quicksand Bold.
  • Added hand pointers to spotlight puzzles for better usability experience.
  • Fixed a bug with Graphing Tool manip where submit button was not available on student side.
  • Fixed the “broken-keys” parameter for keypad element. The set of digits defined now will not appear for input when the integer input region is clicked by user. This means that non-number keys will no longer record in the box for answers.

Game Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Tweaked the items page economy.
  • Horse Platform’s Buckleup duration decreased for balance.
  • Fixed a bug with the Guardian Gift page that displayed wrong result of the gift sent. The gift sent would previously display as not sent.

User Interface Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the student preview pop-up for manipulatives did not work for Teachers or Editors

Did you know?

Tired of assigning only three questions at a time? You can make larger Activities of more than three questions for your students via our Custom Activities option. We recommend you keep your Activities limited to 30 questions or less for optimal results. 

Here's a visual guide on how to assign multiple missions