Protect Students'
Emotional Well-Being

Students have an emotional well-being that needs to be protected the same way that their personal information does. That means not exposing data or progress that can be used to inappropriately judge the child or that violates their trust.   


  • Student names and results are private to the teacher and are protected behind a two-step privacy feature  
  • We use avatars instead of student names to celebrate progress.
  • We promote class celebrations instead of leaderboards to make math class more inclusive





Anti-Cyberbullying Filters

When students create their accounts or submit answers, our system checks against a list of banned words and phrases to ensure that you have a smooth classroom experience. We do not allow student-to-student communication.





No 3rd-Party Advertising to Students

We protect students from seeing 3rd-party ads, and do not market any 3rd-party products or services to them.





Your Data Belongs to You, Not Others

Whether you are taking photos of student work for the class portfolio or giving feedback on a specific question, you can do it knowing that Knowledgehook does not gather any personal information to sell to advertisers or other organizations.





We ask for Limited Personal Information

Knowledgehook limits the information we collect from students to the minimal amount needed to use the service: often just a first name and last initial. We don't need or ask for anything else, such as gender, e-mail, address, or student ID.





Your Data is Protected

Knowledgehook's servers are in highly secure, military-grade data centers that are access-controlled. We host our application using best-in-class security measures to prevent unauthorized access. They are safeguarded with tools like Threat Intelligence, Advanced Threat Analytics, Information Protection, SSL Encryption, and Multi-Factor Authorization.





Account Deletion Policy

We don't own anything you add to Knowledgehook, you do. At any time, you can contact our support line and request to have your account deleted.





Transactions are Safe

To prevent exposing your credit card information, we do not store credit card details on our servers. All payment details are stored by our industry-leading service provider, Stripe. View Stripe's Security Guide to see how they protect your data.



Helpful Resources


Parent Consent Form
A one-page Parent Consent Form to set up student accounts



Privacy FAQ for Parents
Help parents understand what makes Knowledgehook safe with this handout



Privacy FAQ for Districts
View the Data and Privacy Information Sheet for school leaders




Knowledgehook is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.