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Connecting Parents



Why Invite Parents?

When you invite parents to connect, you can build a strong classroom community and engage parents so they can be partners in supporting their child’s learning. They just connect with an e-mail address and get timely updates and resources.

What Do Parents See?

Parents are able to see some high-level information like a summary of skills, and “I Can” statements which help give a richer view of what their child can do. They also get these helpful tips on home-based practices that don’t require technical mathematical skills.

They cannot see any of your reports unless you choose to share them.

Students can share milestones

Students can then share their achievements with their parents, and parents can cheer them on to provide encouragement and motivation:


You Choose What to Reveal

When you view your reports, you can choose to share them with specific parents. You maintain control of your classroom data. Learn how to share Mission Reports and GameShow Reports.


How do I Invite Parents

You can invite parents by printing individualized PDF invitations for students to take home to their parents, or you can send a digital invite via e-mail or text message. Get started now!

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