See how we drive student ownership of learning

We created an immersive educational experience that understands and addresses the multifaceted motivational drivers of each student.

Our Student Engagement System is an advanced engagement engine that seamlessly integrates the best of motivation science with rigorous pedagogical standards. We've meticulously crafted a journey that transitions students from the excitement of game rewards to an intrinsic passion for problem-solving.

3 Stars
3 Stars

Collect Stars for Problem Solving

At the core of our platform lies the belief that problem-solving is intrinsically rewarding. These stars aren't just for show; they symbolize newfound understanding, and every learning goal offers students multiple chances of equally challenging problems, urging them to persist without a fear of failure.

Example of 2 badges, one gold and one silver

Badges & Milestones

Earning a badge is a reflection of the internal motivation that drives consistent learning. As students accumulate stars they unlock badges, symbolizing mastery over specific topics and units. It's a testament to your students’ dedication, understanding, and growth.

Example of 2 badges, one gold and one silver
Example of 4 in-app coins
Example of 4 in-app coins

Education Currency

Our education currency symbolizes a student’s dedication and their ongoing quest for understanding. It incentivizes meaningful problem solving with each attempt, underscoring the value of genuine comprehension.

Robot characters in the Knowledgehook game, one cat and one dog, with friendly smaller robots hovering above them.

Avatar Customization
& More

With education currency, students dive into a world of creativity, customizing avatars that represent them. Each avatar, its color, its style, is a narrative of the student's journey, achievements, and personality.

Robot characters in the Knowledgehook game, one cat and one dog, with friendly smaller robots hovering above them.
Sample of the student app home screen
Sample of the student app home screen

Dive into the Virtual Playground

With every star, badge, and avatar evolution, a vibrant gaming world awaits, where each adventure is a testament to the learner's achievements.  Every minute spent on solving math problems enriches the playtime experience, making it a true blend of work and play.

Our Core Values

Inclusivity First

  • We're leveling the educational field, ensuring all students access the same powerful tools.
  • Everyone gets equal gameplay mechanics.

Classroom Focus

  • Teachers are irreplaceable. Our games complement, not compete with, their instruction.
  • Games are off-limits during class, ensuring student focus.
  • Homework assigned by teachers boosts in-game progress.

Safe & Age-Appropriate Playtime

  • We prioritize safety: no online interactions out of school networks and no third-party ads.
  • Classroom-protected social interactions.
  • Developed with guidance from child experts, we maintain age-appropriate playtime environments with full parental controls.

Lets Geek Out Together!

Geek out with the Knowledgehook product team and learn more about our upcoming releases.

Our Expert Advisors 

We are proud to acknowledge the following advisors who assist in the ongoing development of our platform.

Eileen Belastock

Privacy Advisor Expert in Edtech Data Privacy & Cybersecurity
Former School District Technology Director

Dr. Lerzan Z. Coskun

Ethical Game Design Advisor Research Scientist Department of Pediatrics Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Erik Youngman

Parental Involvement Advisor
Education Leader in Growth Mindset

Mark Breadner

Student Engagement Partnerships Advisor
Founder of First Robotics Canada