ClassOS Pro

Get just-in-time Teacher Supports that use assessment data and enhanced reports to improve teaching practice

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How It Works

Self-paced Student Activities


Assign missions for students to complete at their own pace, with in-app rewards. Track progress with detailed Mission Reports and convert missions into assessments for feedback. Tailor assignments according to class pace and individual student needs.

Example of the first 2 pages of an “Intervention Questions” document
Pro Feature

Teacher Support Documents

Misconception Charts help identify learning gaps, misconceptions, and errors. Intervention Questions can assess students' specific intervention needs. Math Background documents share key concepts, providing a big-picture view of the topic.

Example of the first 2 pages of an “Intervention Questions” document
Pro Feature

Focus Areas

Close student gaps by tracking topics with Focus Areas where students struggle the most. After a Mission or GameShow activity, if any students trigger a gap by answering certain questions incorrectly, you'll see them tracked in the reports section.

Pro Feature

Enhanced Reports

Understand where students need more support and how they’re progressing with Enhanced Reports! Enhanced reporting tools empower teachers by highlighting top classroom challenges, with downloadable results for tailored instruction based on individual and class performance.