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Production Coordinator, Math Leaders Roundtable
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Production Coordinator, Math Leaders Roundtable
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Knowledgehook is on a mission to empower the problem solvers of tomorrow. Our strategy to fulfill this mission? We have an incredible math education product, a passionate fan-base, and are building the most capable and engaged revenue team in the world (literally and measurably).

Knowledgehook is seeking a contract Production Coordinator (PC) for our Math Leaders Roundtable – a digital media product within our Math Leadership Series (MLS) program. The Math Leaders Roundtable is a new, no-cost product we’ve built for the K-12 math education community that we anticipate will generate strong and measurable demand for instructional guidance systems. This role is on a 3-month contract basis, since it will be the PC’s role to help us test this hypothesis by reaching out to potential MLS participants to engage them in our Math Leaders Roundtables. Assuming the product resonates and is a success, there would be a natural opportunity to move into a permanent Production Coordinator role.

This role is best suited for someone relatively new to media coordination who’s looking to hone their skills. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the success of a brand new marketing product at a fast growing company, while learning and receiving hands-on mentorship from an experienced team.


  • Develop, execute, and manage the Math Leaders Roundtable campaign
  • Overseeing management and facilitation of Math Leaders Roundtables
  • Manage digital media operations for our production team, covering creative, logistics, and liaising with the Revenue Team (overall project and production management)
  • Work closely in the virtual control room with educators and senior production managers to generate sound bites for the marketing and sales teams
  • Develop a deep understanding of the MLS product, target audience, industry trends, and competitors to strategize creative approaches towards generating interest and increasing engagement
  • Create audience personas tied to specific needs, pain points, and preferences
  • Conduct research to identify and generate new Math Leaders Roundtable participants using a variety of outreach channels such as phone calls, email, social media, and events
  • Ensure that content reaches the right part of the Knowledgehook funnel at the right time
  • Measure, analyze, and report campaign performance
  • Build relationships with prospects and provide constructive feedback to enhance our Math Leaders Roundtable experience
  • Work with sub-contractors to manage roundtable delivery
  • Assist with other MLS programs as needed
  • Be an ambassador for MLS and Knowledgehook

Performance Measurement

  • Meet or exceed Math Leaders Roundtable attendance targets
  • Seek out opportunities to optimize the playbook (cadence, messaging, process, and training) to reliably hit Math Leaders Roundtable marketing and sales conversion targets


  • Minimum of 1-2 years experience in marketing and/or production management (welcoming candidates with equally compelling experience)
If the role inspires you but you don't have all the preferred qualifications, please reach out! We'd still love to consider you for the position.


  • Motivation, drive, and a self-starting attitude
  • A bias towards proactive, candid, and empathetic communication
  • An uncompromising solution-oriented mindset
  • A laser focus on daily continuous improvement
  • Diligent and proactive about building processes
  • Driven to prove through testing
  • Strong emotional intelligence
  • Rigorous prioritization and time management capabilities
  • Strategic mindset - always thinking with your company hat on, with an eye to identifying (and executing) strategic opportunities
  • A committed team player and collaborator
  • Exceptional effective questioning capabilities
  • Strong objection handling skills
  • Strong feedback and coaching skills
  • Passionate about learning and experimenting


  • Join a revenue team that cares deeply about your personal and professional goals, prioritizes staff engagement, and who will work with you one-on-one to deliver a compelling career experience (whatever compelling means to you)
  • Best in-class marketing and leadership learning and development
  • Participate in the growth journey of a rapidly scaling start-up
  • Join an extremely talented, diverse, and collaborative team of builders and problem-solvers
  • Flexible work hours
  • Remote-friendly

About Us

Knowledgehook, a leading educational technology company, empowers teachers and parents to collaboratively support the mathematics learning journey of millions of students worldwide. Winner of Google’s Game Changer Award and named Top Disruptor by BNN, its platform analyzes student understanding through engaging assessments, providing real-time personalized solutions to close learning gaps between classroom teaching and at-home learning. Designed by leading numeracy and research experts, Knowledgehook’s Instructional Guidance System is known for reinventing how online technology supports education and educators, while inspiring the problem solvers of tomorrow.