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Math Curriculum and Content Specialist
How to Apply
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Math Curriculum and Content Specialist
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Knowledgehook is on a mission to empower the problem solvers of tomorrow. To help meet the global demand for our instructional guidance system in K – 12 math classrooms, we are seeking a Math Curriculum and Content Specialist. This role is best suited for someone who has experience interpreting math curriculum standards, has worked at the district level supporting elementary math teachers and has the ability to grow a team of content writers. It’s an opportunity to join a rapidly growing ed-tech company that helps both students and math teachers reach their full potential.

Knowledgehook’s purpose is to inspire and develop the problem solvers of tomorrow. We have a math education brand with a passionate fan-base and are assembling a purpose-driven team who loves to collaborate and solve problems with innovative solutions.

You will

As you become familiar with the product and the editor functionality you will help the content team create formative assessment questions for standards in various math curriculums. You will have an opportunity to work with other educators to develop new interactive manipulatives that can be leveraged into inquiry-based lessons. You will write, review and revise professional development resources that will be used by elementary math teachers around the world. You will also assist in content alignment to many other math curriculums used in other countries. You will work with the content team to help scale the overall content development process.

Performance Measurement

Your success will be evaluated on your ability to
  • write/review curriculum aligned and engaging formative assessment math questions as needed in K - 8 math curriculums, ensuring that the language level is grade appropriate
  • develop inquiry based activities that can be used as instructional pieces to foster conceptual understanding for foundational math topics
  • write/review professional development resources that support teachers pertaining to key math topics in their curriculum
  • lead and manage a team of educators and content writers
  • be an educational ambassador for Knowledgehook and network with other math experts on a global scale

You have

  • Experience at the district level leading elementary math teachers and 5+ years teaching math in the elementary classroom
  • Excellent working knowledge of K – 8 math curriculum and the ability to accurately interpret standards in any state/provincial or national curriculum
  • Excellent writing skills to create appropriate and engaging grade level curriculum aligned formative assessment math questions
  • Excellent pedagogical knowledge and an awareness of best teaching practices to support and guide teachers to become the best math teachers they can be.

You are

  • A team player who is highly organized and has a high attention to detail.
  • A person who thrives in a collaborative environment but also has the discipline to work independently/remotely
  • A strong ability to multi-task
  • Adaptable problem-solver who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent analytical and project management skills
  • Time management skills, ability to prioritize and balance the needs of the projects to meet deadlines

Bonus Skills

  • Ability to work in Google Workspace
  • Proficiency/ability to work in a web-based editor using html code and ascii math
  • Ability to create and edit vector graphics


  • Participate in the growth journey of a rapidly scaling start-up
  • Join an extremely talented, diverse, and collaborative team of builders and problem-solvers
  • Flexible work hours
  • Remote-friendly

About Us

Knowledgehook, a leading educational technology company, empowers teachers and parents to collaboratively support the mathematics learning journey of millions of students worldwide. Winner of Google’s Game Changer Award and named Top Disruptor by BNN, its platform analyzes student understanding through engaging assessments, providing real-time personalized solutions to close learning gaps between classroom teaching and at-home learning. Designed by leading numeracy and research experts, Knowledgehook’s Instructional Guidance System is known for reinventing how online technology supports education and educators, while inspiring the problem solvers of tomorrow.