Fun Math Activities for
Middle School Teachers

        Math is important for students to learn and master, but it can be challenging to keep them interested. We made a list of creative math classroom ideas to help you engage and inspire your students.

Make it a Game

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Make Math Relatable to Your Students: Real-life Applications

Isn't it great when you're able to couple the things you love with something you're learning? It can turn a seemingly complex topic into a fun and engaging way to practice math. Students tend to be more engaged with math and are able to comprehend more challenging topics when they can relate it to their daily lives. 

Middle School Math Sports Activities

Statistics - Basketball Free throw experiment
  • Setup: Use a portable basketball hoop in the classroom or move the class to the gym.
  • Shoot: Let each student attempt free throw shots.
  • Calculate: Have students compute their personal shooting percentage (successful shots divided by total shots).
  • Average and Predict: As a class, figure out the average shooting percentage and make predictions for future performance.
Geometry - Soccer Field Analysis:
  • You should explain the concept of area and how to calculate it for different shapes.
  • Provide students with the dimensions of a soccer field and ask them to calculate the total area.
  • Then, have them calculate the area of the goal box and penalty area.
  • Discuss what these areas represent in a game of soccer and how the size of these areas might impact the game.

Fun Middle School Math Video Game - based activities

Game Level Design

Get your middle school students excited about geometry with the "Geometry Game Level Design" activity! This fun project combines game design with geometry topics like area, perimeter, angles, and symmetry. Students make 2D game maps to learn how shapes are important in game design. Make geometry enjoyable and relatable by merging it with the excitement of video games!

Download the free activity guide here.


Use concrete tools to make engaging middle school math activities

Toy Animal Census
  • Stuffed Animal Showdown: Invite each student to bring their favorite stuffed animal/toy to class. Alongside these, have a collection of various toy animals.
  • Sort and Tally: Arrange students into groups. Task them with sorting all the stuffed animals into categories (by species, size, color, etc.) and create a tally chart.
  • Crunch the Numbers: Ask each group to calculate the mean, median, mode, and range for each category of animals. This introduces them to basic statistics and data analysis.
  • Data Presentation: Have groups create a graph or chart representing their results. Then encourage students to present their findings to the class, explaining what their data shows.
Here are other middle school math standards or concepts you could cover with this activity:
  • Probability: Students can predict the likelihood of randomly selecting a particular type of stuffed animal from the total.
  • Ratios and Proportions: Have students compare the different animal groups using ratios, and scale up their numbers using proportions.
  • Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages: Convert the count of each animal type into fractions, decimals, and percentages of the total number of stuffed animals.
  • Bar Graphs/Pie Charts: Students use their data to create bar graphs or pie charts, visually representing their statistics.

This activity makes statistics fun and also incorporates other key concepts, encouraging students to view their cuddly companions as educational tools!

Pull Back Cars Algebra

Check out this amazing activity which teaches algebra with pull back cars here. This fun activity shows how distance, speed, and time work together. All you need are toy cars and tools to measure distance!

Download the free activity sheet here.

Make it physical by getting students to move through different math stations in a relay race

Help your students practice previously-taught concepts and build teamwork with math group activities for middle school.

With this free guide for a "Math Team Relay Race," learning math becomes a fun team race. You'll solve puzzles and get moving at the same time, making math a group game and not just a classroom task. The dynamic nature of this activity not only enriches their understanding of subject matter but it also fosters critical thinking and teamwork.

Download the free activity guide here.

In conclusion, adding fun activities to your math lessons can help students develop a love and appreciation for math. . As compared to textbook work, hands-on activities help foster creativity, critical-thinking skills and teamwork amongst students. Use the ideas listed above to help your students remember old math concepts, learn new concepts and stay engaged in math class!