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This school year will pose many new challenges as students and teachers transition back into the classroom, both physically and virtually. Safety is, and should remain, top of mind.

With Ontario implementing a new mathematics curriculum this fall, Knowledgehook is here to support our teachers in this transition. With all the questions that this school year brings, we want to remove one piece of uncertainty- by easing the transition from the 2005 to 2020 Ontario Mathematics curriculum.

Here are the features that Knowledgehook has designed to help teachers transition into the new curriculum:

1. We will continue to support the 2005 curriculum.

Transitioning to a new curriculum is challenging. With the difficulties and uncertainties that this September poses, in addition to the prolonged school closures of last year, we understand that it will be necessary to revisit the old curriculum. That is why we’ve made the decision to keep the 2005 curriculum active until July 2021.

2. We will clearly show which content is from the new curriculum.

While still working from the old curriculum, teachers will be able to view at-a-glance the content that is part of the new curriculum. This will allow a smooth transition into the new curriculum, by removing any surprises. Teachers may also choose to focus more attention on the content that is part of the 2020 curriculum.

3. We will simultaneously support the 2020 curriculum.

After a smooth transitional period, teachers and students will be ready to pick up the new curriculum. The 2020 curriculum will be easily accessible in our course dropdown. Of course, if you find that additional review is necessary, you may still access the 2005 curriculum.

Knowledgehook is committed to making the transition back to school as smooth as possible, which is why we created the Return to Learn Program. As part of this program, we had curriculum experts identify the critical areas for student success in the following school year, in an analysis called "We're in this together: Prioritizing Critical Areas In Your Curriculum; you can access the Ontario analysis here.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the teachers returning to the classroom this fall, in whatever form that may take. We hope to ease some of the challenges September will bring, by smoothing the transition from the 2005 to the 2020 curriculum.

We look forward to continuing to inspire tomorrow’s problem solvers, together.

- The Knowledgehook Team