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Change how children feel about math

Rethink how software supports teachers and parents

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Math software that advances proven methods into the 21st century.

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In Two Steps...
Unlock a mission-critical solution for teachers, parents, and leaders.
Step One
Teachers and parents assign student practice that feels like Play
Engage students with immersive game-based activities designed to improve understanding.
Step Two
Leaders support math teachers by providing a digital instructional guidance tool.
Receive insights into learning gaps delivered with resources that help teachers guide students to success.
Trusted by the Largest School Districts
Designed by leading numeracy experts to advance proven methods into the 21st century.

A Mission-Critical Solution for Math Leaders


Jeni Van Kesteren, Math Coach


Kevin Williams, Math Coach

Craig Guthrie, Elementary teacher


Mary O'Brien, Math Coach

Kyle Pearce, Math Coach


Vicki Parry, Math Coach

Nour Harriz, Math Teacher

Laura Briscoe, Teacher


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