Free, fun, and effective
math software for the classroom.

Fully Curriculum-Aligned K-10 Assessments

Differentiate your math class with consistent quality assessments that meet the pedagogical standards required by school boards.

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District-Stamped Classroom Fun

Confidently engage your students with the excitement of popular game-based learning, fortified by the learning science that school boards trust.

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Goodbye Empty Dashboards

Rely on classroom dashboards that tell the full story with unmatched assignment completion rates and a vibrant view of your students’ progress.

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Popular ClassOS Features

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Group based

Run class-wide
interactive activities

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Assign self-paced learning at home or in class

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No Extra Cost to Teachers

Knowledgehook is a free to use tool for teachers

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Professional Learning that Understands Your Classroom

Transform how you teach with Classroom Connected Professional Learning. ClassOS Pro is designed around your unique classroom challenges.

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Uniting Classroom Insights with Home Tutoring

Introduce parents to a tutoring solution that aligns with your teaching, ensuring students receive consistent, affordable, and quality support.

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